Hear Monica's Voice (DACA Recipient)"DACA was the product that resulted from the efforts in support of the DREAM Act. The government then found it charismatic that young undocumented immigrants were forming a voice that echoed nationwide. We were united around the idea that we crossed the border into the USA “at no fault of our own”. This idea is founded upon division within the nucleus of the immigrant family. DREAM Iowa is in support of an intelligent immigration bill that supports immigrant families as well as U.S. communities, farmers, industry, business, commerce and government. Currently, legality is denied to immigrant families despite our efforts to strive in harmony. However, when we mingle with people with human consciousness and common sense, we find our legitimacy through our contributions. Around rural Iowa, many immigrant families receive protection from farmers who regardless of political affiliation enjoy the values, work ethic and traditions rooted in the unity and resilience of immigrant families. The result of this agreement is highly productive enterprises. A common deep understanding lays in the heart of the relationship between the owner and the contractor. Protection in exchange of quality work you may say. People are searching for the meaning of the “American principles”. Many farmers in Iowa have successfully developed governance systems inside the farm using human and economic principles that need to be applied in a modern society at the national level of the United States of America. We are asking for more than an amnesty. After the Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1986 over four million undocumented immigrants received a pathway to citizenship. At the same time, this Act made it extremely difficult for businesses to hire new immigrant workers. Immigrant families arrive to areas in demand for labor. Understanding the nature and the behavior of the immigrant family means to have an understanding of the opportunities of globalization. In order for the United States of America to maintain its position of global power, our immigration system needs elasticity and efficiency. All of our immigrant families need a pathway to citizenship now. We have been oathing allegiance to this country ever since we arrived. Old and young we want our pathway to citizenship now. We demand an intelligent government that keeps the door open for new immigrant families. We need a government that issues new immigrant families entering the US labor force social security numbers and/or work visas immediately upon arrival. As soon as we check in the box that says “Work” we should be granted permission to reside in peace. We need a government that is flexible in issuing travel & business visas to those who come to visit relatives or form partnerships. Visitors come to this country to spend their savings. Business people come to this country to invest their savings. Immigrant working families come to this country to generate savings. We need a government that values the beauty of a transparent society and a dynamic economy. There is no guarantee a new immigrant family is going to like it here. We should make the United States of America a place where immigrant families are drawn to. Government benefits from new immigrant families and visitors “checking in”. There is no reason to change our name or to call us illegals. We can earn our own citizenship with our actions and contributions. We don’t need giveaways or born rights. Today, we demand intelligent reform and a pathway to citizenship to all working immigrant families, young and old, we are all one family."


'This is Our Home" Rally at Iowa State capital Friday 15th @ 5:30pm

We are all Dreamers Rally - Sat Sept 14 @ 10am @Experanza Legal Assistance CenterWE ARE ALL DREAMERS  · Hosted by DACA QC Coalition

Saturday, Sept 16 @ 10am

Moline, Illinois

Esperanza Legal Assistance Center 335 5th Avenue,

More information about event

DACA QC Coalition collecting post cards - they will have ready for you to sign at the rally this SATURDAY. Post cards will be hand-delivered to Washington Congressmen.

Festival Latino on Sunday in Cedar RapidsSunday, September 17  McGrath Amphitheatre, Click here for more info


The V&A Museum in London is featuring and displaying about the Women's March historical event on January 21, 2017.  London Museum

HAVE BRUNCH WITH US organizers, Sandy Mostaert and Stefanie Munsterman-Scriven, on September 23rd from 10am to 12:30pm

ACLU Iowa is honoring Sandy and Stefanie for their contributions to civil liberties in Iowa and leading the efforts of the January 21st Women's March.  The award being received is the Louise Noun Award.  Award ceremony will be during the brunch service.  Click here to learn more and get your tickets

School Board Election Update


Kyrstin won the school board election for the Des Moines Community School District, as Board Director at Large.

Kyrstin was the Team Captain for Iowa's planning team for the Women's March event that took place on January 21, 2017 in Des Moines.  We were blessed to have her leadership before and during. Now many students, parents and teachers are being blessed by having her lead the efforts to protecting public schools. Thank you for being a wonderful role model and leader.

Other women that Won in Iowa are:

Jennifer Borcherding, Nancy Humbles, Christi Welsh, Debi Plum, Dionna Langford, Jennifer Wells, Ruthina Malone, Elizabeth Brennan, Vicky Poole, Lori Lovstad, Katie Glinsmann, Perla Alarcon-flory, Janet Godwin, Rachel Wall, Karina Herandez, Nancy Bradley, Allison Beck, Nancy Manson, Stacy Andersen, Sarah Schmitz, Judy Downs, Lori Lyon, Teree Caldwell-Johnson, Karina Herandez, Suzanne Newton, Jodi Draper *many others did also, use ISEA as resource

We are proud and thank all women that ran, no matter the results were a loss, we encourage you to try again.

KEY Takeaways:

  1. Fairfield, Iowa school board election saw record breaking  voter participation of 2100 people. People were eager to get out due to previous school board actions of pushing anti-transgender policies.  The people of Fairfield flipped the board by taking out conservative members with 4 Progressives (3 being women) winning in a 10 person race.
  2. Jennifer Borcherding in Cedar Rapids, won a tough race ousting longtime male incumbent who has served on the board since 1997.
  3. All three of the female candidates for the Ames School Board won their races, with a male incumbent coming in 4th. The Ames School Board shifted from 6 men and 1 woman to 4 women and 3 men.
  4. Ankeny added another woman making 2 women out of 7, beating a multi-term male conservative incumbent.


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