Nationwide Women's March On-going Project


Women's March Iowa understands the importance of having conversations with those in our communities who may not share our political views. The introduction of this project comes to the heart of what Women's March Iowa is wanting to achieve and to continue our oathe for those that follow our principles by providing help through this journey - one Daring Discussion at a time.

PROJECT: We will be having circulum trainings aimed and urging people to connect with people in your communities - friends, family, co-workers - in the attempt to begin the dismantling of white supremacist messages and beliefs . By sharing skills in navigating confrontation, defusing defensiveness and finding common ground in shared values. Daring Discussions is about embracing discomfort and having a truly important conversation.  

next steps


  1. Watch the Introduction Webinar (Click here or see below)

  2. Sign up for curriculum that will supply the toolkits, how-to-guides & notices of upcoming webinars

  3. Host and or join a Community Potluck

  4. AFTER the potluck - Commit to have 2 daring discussions in the next month

  5. Donate $5

Recommitting feminism to multiracial solidarity by recognizing the emotional labor that women of color and marginalized communities must perform on a daily basis, we especially encourage white people and women of color who observe anti-blackness operating within their families and communities to attend and commit to this. Community Potlucks are to practice this with one another, to bring solidarity to action, working communities and build relations by getting to know each other.

expectation of discussion

Point is not to win a conversation, applying the skills from the curriculum. Employing a set of emotional skills and listening to ethics to help you lovely challenge what you are hearing in particularity in a way gets down to core values that the person you are talking to holds - that is where the common ground, where we can find our shared humanity and build from there. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and have compassion for the other person, ground yourself in love found in the principles of the daring discussion.